The Growth Flywheel Program is delivered in four phases and designed to create impact and lasting positive change into your corporate DNA.

Phase 1: Execution Fundamentals

This onboarding phase lasts 30 to 90 days, depending on your starting point thanks to our execution fundamentals assessment. Your team will be introduced to your expert advisor and get access to our member portal.

Phase 1 Outcomes:

  • Create & solidify purpose, mission, core values.

  • Understand how to manage change.

  • Learn & practice how to execute powerful leadership meetings.

  • Understand how to grow profitably & manage risk.

  • Learn how to prioritize & choose strategic quarterly company rocks.


Phase 2: Strategy Bootcamp

Part 2 lasts 90-days and begins with an immersive 2-day strategy bootcamp. These collaborative and engaging strategy bootcamps bring together four non-competing companies to increase learning among participants. Throughout the 90-days, you and your team will be supported via interactive live webinars and monthly calls with your Advisor, ensuring your strategic rocks are set in motion.

Phase 2 Outcomes:

  • Learn how to apply the Play 2 Win Strategy model to all strategic decisions.

  • Build a 3-year strategic cascade. 

  • Set clear, realistic revenue & profit targets.

  • Evaluate resources & capabilities needed to hit targets.

  • Extract 1-year strategic goals.

  • Identify a long-term vision.

  • Learn how to communicate your vision & lead inspiring town-hall meetings.

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Bruce Alexander, CEO of RaymondEMC

As we continue to scale. Getting my leadership team aligned & growing together was key. STAND provides exactly what we needed to achieve this.

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Nikki Pett, CEO & Founder of Sigma Promotions

Our industry is very crowded and competitive. Not only did STAND enable me and my team to develop a winning strategy. The continued support gives us the confidence we need to take action.


Pierce Ujjainwalla, Founder & CEO of Knak

This has been a game changer for our team. STAND enabled us to make important strategic choices that have significantly impacted the growth of our business.

Phase 3: Execution Mastery

Using an ongoing 90-day cycle, phase 3 lasts between 12-24 months, depending on your company snapshot of strengths and weaknesses. Build around our 10 T's framework, this phase focuses on providing a tailored development path designed to get your team to reach 100% healthy in all 10 of our 10 T's.

Phase 3 Outcomes:

  • Create & document corporate processes, ensuring scalability.

  • Set, track & make strategic KPI based decisions.

  • Create clarity across the organization with roles and responsibilities to drive accountability.

  • Learn how to hire and onboard talent for the right seat at the right time.

  • Learn to live & reward core values & how to build a sustainable culture, no matter how large the organization.

  • Eliminate company silos & understand the importance of cross-functional collaboration.

  • Create personas & customer friction audits to understand how to improve your customer experience & how to increase value through innovation.


Phase 4: Celebrating the Growth Journey

Phase 4 is all about celebrating the growth journey. You and your leadership team are now ready to continue your growth adventure outside of STAND because we've helped you master the knowledge, tools and frameworks needed to take on any challenge.